I offer counselling and psychotherapy services in Glasgow to clients 18 and over. Your sessions will be face-to-face


The number of sessions depends on the concerns that your bring in our counselling session. I can best suggest this during your FREE initial 15 minute consultation.


Your FREE initial 15 minute consultation

The initial telephone consultation gives time for me to consider the concern or issue(s) which you want to potentially bring to therapy. I will consider how I might best support you and provide you with the options available in taking a course of therapy. This is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about me or counselling in general and at this stage you are under no obligation to go forward with counselling. If you think counselling will be of benefit to you then I will book our First Assessment Session.  




First Assessment Session

During our first assessment we will discuss in more detail what has prompted you to contact us; the issue as you see it and any past or current background information you are willing to share at this point. I will talk through how we can best approach your concerns and how this will be shaped by us both over the coming sessions. You will have a chance to ask me any questions about how I work or voice any concerns so that you can decide whether I am someone with whom you feel comfortable to share personal thoughts and feelings.


Subsequent sessions

In your sessions you will be free to talk about your problems and your situation and you will be listened to carefully. I will seek to obtain a deeper understanding of you as possible and find out what is troubling you. I will ask questions that are designed to therapeutically enhance your thinking, your emotions, your behaviour and your way of relating to others. Occasionally you might be puzzled by my questioning. In this case, I would invite you to say so, but also to bear with me - there will be a reason I am pursuing a particular line of enquiry which may not always be immediately obvious. Frequently through sessions we will examine what is happening in the 'here and now'  - using your reactions and experiences to generate change and insight, and exploring our relationship and finding opportunities for you to find new ways of relating to others and new ways of being.